Illuminated Word Candle: King's Garments - "All things are Possible"

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The inspiring Scripture from Matthew 19:26: "With God all things are Possible" on this candle will bring a ray of hope to anyone facing sickness, hardship, despair or broken relationships.  What a powerful reminder that we are "overcomers" through faith in the Messiah, Jesus!  We chose CASSIA for the fragrance as it represents Devotion and Dedication to the All-Mighty One with whom nothing is impossible.  Hand-poured in Abba's facility in our eco-friendly soy blend wax with approximate burn time: 26-30 hrs., 8.7 oz by volume.  Container can be used with votives or tealights for continued delight.

King's Garments - Glory of the King

In Ps 45:8 the Bible portrays a king whose garments are so thoroughly scented with costly perfumes that they seem to be altogether woven out of them. Two of the three scents mentioned, Myrrh and Cassia, were ingredients in the holy anointing oil used to anoint priests and kings. The remaining fragrance, Aloes, is listed among the “chief species” in the garden of the beloved in Song 4:13-14. Psalm 45:8  “All your garments smell of myrrh, aloes and cassia...”   King's Garments is a special aromatic blending of the three biblical scents consisting of: Myrrh: A gum resin that exudes from a small bushy tree found in Arabia. It flows as milky white then quickly turns to  a deep purple-brown color as it begins to crystalize. Aloes: Most likely the product of a tree of the genus Aquilaria, a native of northern India. At a certain stage of decay, the wood develops a fragrance well known to the ancients and from it a rare perfume was obtained. Cassia: An evergreen tree in the cinnamon family with an aromatic bark, which is harvested in strips to make an aromatic powder or oil.

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